Shannon Casey
Tower 2's First Woman Member
November 2010
Being sworn in by Town Clerk Michael Marra while her mom holds
the Bible. Looking on are Mayor Steffens, Ex-Chief Frank Walters,
Chief of Department George Schoenrock, Deputy Chief William
Sallick and Battalion Chief Robert Parisi (behind Marra)
Getting a hug from mom
Now she is one of the gang. Company members Rob Zemak, Shannon,
Ex-Capt. Anthony Smentkowski, Lt. Fred Schneider (Ex-Capt.) and
Greg Lentini.
Hangin' with the big guys.
Battalion Chief Robert Parisi (Ex-Chief of Dept.), Shannon, Captain Frank
Walters (Ex-Chief of Dept.), Deputy Chief William Sallick and Chief of Dept.
George Schoenrock.  Deputy Chief Sallick & Captain Walters are both from
Shannon's Company (Tower 2)